OJS Update from 2.4.6 to 2.4.7 issues

Continuing the discussion from OJS 2.4.7 Released:

Sir, I was having great fun using the ojs for our journal up until I got the prompt to upgrade from 2.4.6 to 2.4.7. I downloaded the patch as instructed, backed up my database and the entire ojs site. After changing the config file installation to off, I got stuck. Since the installation was done on my online webpage using php and mysql database. I dont know what to do. There is no place on the installer page to insert or upload the downloaded patch. Sorry, I am new to this! The instructions require that a code be run. How do I do this on an online website. We just published an issue and I dont want the whole thing messed up. Please I await your help.

The “patch” based upgrade requires command line access. It is also the least reliable method of upgrade.

I strongly recommend using the “Full Package” upgrade instead. This can be accomplished via your host’s web interface, such as cpanel.

I have downloaded the full package and I am trying to see if there is an
update option at the cpanel however, my worry is what happens to the
databases. I am worried about already published articles and doi landing



There will not be an “update” option named as such in cpanel. If you do not have shell access, cpanel will likely be how you access the file management for the steps under the UPGRADE.txt instructions:

- Download and decompress the package from the OJS web site
- Make a copy of the config.inc.php provided in the new package
- Move or copy the following files and directories from your current OJS
    - config.inc.php
    - public/
    - Your uploaded files directory ("files_dir" in config.inc.php), if it
      resides within your OJS directory
- Replace the current OJS directory with the new OJS directory, moving the
  old one to a safe location as a backup
- Be sure to review the Configuration Changes section of the release notes
  in docs/release-notes/README-(version) for all versions between your
  original version and the new version. You may need to manually add
  new items to your config.inc.php file.

Following the file changes to update the code, follow the remaining steps in the UPGRADE.txt document that describe upgrading the database:

Thanks a ton. I think it is making meaning now. Just one thing. Do I have
yo start all over again, like installing ojs for the first time? If not,
why does it give me errors after the upgrades rather than just lead to the
journal like before?

When changing installed in config.inc.php to Off, you will see the installation screen, as installing OJS for the first time. At the top of the page, in a heading that is not nearly clear enough, will be the heading “Upgrade”, and the instructions, "If you are upgrading an existing installation of OJS 2.x, click here to proceed."