OJS: TinyMCE Fullscreen Mode for "Editorial Team" textfield

With the update from OJS to the button to toggle TinyMCE fullscreen mode has been lost for the “Editorial Team” textfield, and with it the access to additional formatting options.
These are, however, dearly missed by our users. I there way to re-activate the options and the additional controls?


Hi @felixhelix,

A lot of folks are now using the “Text Editors Extras” plugin (available in the plugin gallery) to compensate for some of the missing TinyMCE functionality. Perhaps you could give it a try?

Best regards,


Thanks @rcgillis,
I tried this, but “Editorial Team” textfield is not listed in the settings of the “Text Editors Extras” plugin, as is the “fullscreen” option :frowning:

It turned out the “fullscreen” option is not available for new controlls using the “vue.js” framework:

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