OJS Setting a Theme

Hi all! How do I set a specific theme to default after creating a new journal? My issue is that every time I create a new journal, the system automatically sets the theme to the default one (Default Theme).

You can activate any installed theme in the backend by selecting “Settings”->“Website” in the left navbar, and then on the tab “Appearance” scroll down until you reach “Theme” and “Typography”.

HI @ojsbsb, yes but how exactly do I set an installed theme to default when I create a new journal? Do I have to manually set the theme every time I create a new journal or is there any way to let the website automatically select an installed theme to default?

OJS will use the system default, but not necessarily Boostrap or other themes that are not packed as integral part of installation of OJS.
When you create journal that is completely new unit in OJS and you should set theme for it if you do not want system default.

Hi @vvucic! So that means every time I create a new journal, I have to manually set the theme I prefer?

Only when you create journal. Theoretically, each journal is different entity and they may want to have completely different theme. The system by default sets default theme. But, when you create journal which is only once for that journal that is it.
If you do have multi-journal installation then you should set theme for each journal.

Hi @vvucic! I understand. Thank you so much for clarifying! Much appreciated.

Good luck. I maintain approx 55 journals and always we set up theme for the first creation of journal. Some use Bootstrap, some use, Manuscript, some use Default, some have their own themes. It is like that.

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