OJS server with private IP address

Hi there.
I am new to OJS,
I installed it behind the filewall/NAT with private IP address. Prerouting/ DNating has been done for access to private IP address of OJS server. When Administrator submit article for review the url generated is with private IP address which can not be accessible. How can I configure things so the reviewer gets public IP address.

Hi @atharkaleem,

I am not sure, but I would expect that is something you define in the base URL in the config.inc.php. Have you tried that?

Regards, Primož

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Yes I tried that but didnt work.

What specifically did you try? With only a base_url entry, OJS will form URLs based on the incoming request, from the perspective of the webserver. With base_url[] specification per context, OJS will form URLs based on the base_url[] overrides. I would expect this to work if you have base_url[] entries defined for “index” and for each journal.