OJS - reviewers maqnditory options

Using OJS We have run into a problem where many reviewers
are submitting their review (ie. comments, completion of evaluation
survey), without selecting a final decision from the list of options
provided (ie. accept, revisions required, reject etc). I’m wondering if
there is any way to make this selection mandatory before reviewers can
submit? I’ve taken a look through the different journal management
options and can’t seem to find a way to do this.

Hi @EdwardDavid,

OJS 2.4.3 already asks for a recommendation before allowing the review submission. It does that using javascript, and also it does not record a review completed if no recommendation was sent. So even if the user disables it’s javascript locally, it will not be able to complete the process.

You have any custom work done in your system?


Hi @beghelli,
Just checked that there is no custom work to this journal’s code.
I have asked the Journal Manager for a link to a completed review that does not include a recommendation with it.

See what I get.