OJS Reports & Stats screen out bot activity?

Greetings. New to the PKP Community Forum. I recently discovered the View Report in OJS, and it looks like it gives a nice breakdown array of usage data to date (can you select a views by date range?). We also have Google Analytics activated on our site. In GA, we have determined that time on site of less than 10 seconds–which seems to constitute the majority of our sessions and pageviews–is probably the result of bot activity. Does the OJS Views Report account for and screen out bot activity? Thanks!

A short time on site via Google Analytics is highly unlikely to be bot activity. Google Analytics is based on a UA processing a snippet of javascript which makes a background web request… something a bot would not sensibly bother with. Consider looking for other explanations.

With regards to reports and statistics, OJS supports multiple frameworks of counting, but the default “ojs::counter” metric does screen bots, per the COUNTER standard.

See the Report Generator for custom options like a date range:
User Home → Journal Manager → Stats and Reports → Generate Custom Report

Thanks for your reply. I found the “Timed Views” report. Per GA, do you have any thoughts about what “other explanations” would account for times on site of 0-10 seconds?

You’ll need someone familiar with Google Analytics and potentially familiar with your local site’s configuration to plumb the mysteries of GA tracking. There is a google-analytics tag on Stack Overflow; that might be a good starting place.