OJS - Recurrent Log-Out Problem?

Hi all,

Am working to support editor use of a new journal on OJS. This user reports being continuously ‘kicked out’ of the system, constantly being routed back to the log-in screen. She reports the following:

"I’m still having problems with being kicked back to the logon screen. I have not had one CJCMH session yet where I was not kicked out several times, and last week I lost at least 3 e-mails because of this.

What I’ve done (based on your previous suggestions):

· Changed my security settings to ‘Medium’ in Internet Explorer. à decreased the number of times being kicked out slightly
· Called our helpdesk re whether there is anything on our end that might cause a problem à switched to Chrome based on their advice
· Tried using Chrome this morning à slightly better, but have been kicked back to the logon screen at least 6 times today
· Clicked on the support forum link in your e-mail à Do I need to create a separate account to report problem? Tried using my CJCMH logon, but that doesn’t work.

More information: The switch to the ‘logon’ screen occurs only when there is a transition (but not every single time). Examples:

· I click on the e-mail icon to send a note to the authors or a request to a reviewer.
· I write the e-mail and click on Send (when I check the e-mail trail after I log in again, the e-mail is often not there)
· I click on ‘submissions’ (in the line near the top of the screen) in order to go to back to a previous screen.
· I click on the back arrow in order to get to the previous screen
· I click on ‘Summary’ in order to see the overview regarding the manuscript.
· Also (most frustrating), I sometimes get stuck in a loop when I enter my username and pw – i.e., the logon screen keeps coming back after I try to logon.

So, somehow when I try to go to another screen or try to send e-mails, something kicks in."

Given what this user has attempted for a fix, does anyone have any suggestions for improvement/resolution of the issue?

Much appreciated.

Hi @mlaing,

What version of OJS are you using?

Is the session_check_ip setting enabled in config.inc.php? If so, try disabling it to see if that improves things.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I am tasked with uploading articles on OJS and I’m experiencing trouble with logging in. I am continuously being ‘kicked out’ of the system, and taken back to the log-in screen.
I get a “##user.authorization.userRequired##” message, and “access denied” however, I have been given the required permissions to access OJS and specific journals.

I have cleared my cliché and browser history and even compared another PC’s browser settings with my own (the one I could login with), however, I still get the same message.

I’ve tried accessing the site with another device and I can login.
With my own PC, it does not matter what browser I use, I still get kicked out. With chrome I get the “change your password” message before the permissions one.

Can anyone perhaps suggestion to me on what I can do to fix the problem?

Thank you in advance.

I am also facing the same issue…
Can someone help on this?

Hi @vpdvijay82,

This is quite an old thread. Could you create a new post describing the issue that you are experiencing and link back to this one?

PKP Team