OJS plugin for only one journal


Is it possible to make a plugin that can be enabled in only one journal in a multijournal OJS instance?



Hi @orcalator ,

Hm, difficult to answer: Usually a plugin can be enabled or disabled per each journal if that is your question. But you can not select in which journals you can see it and decide to enable/disable it.

Regards, Primož

Hi Primoz,

Yeah, we have one journal that wants to make their own plugin that should not be available for others. So, not possible at this moment? Thx.


If that plugin requires a specific serial / key or something like that in order to run for each journal?
Could this feature limit the operation of that plugin?
But other journal managers should have no access to that journal’s plugin panel, of course.
Just wanted to share when It came to mind.


yeah, that seems like a good idea, to limit it’s functionality by using some sort of a key. thx.