OJS Opening Editorial Policies file is requesting Login

I am having an issue with my Journal software OJS- and hoping someone can tell me why it is behaving the way it is. I realize it is an older version and will be upgrading it before the end of the year.

If you go to:- http://uofcpress.ucalgary.ca/ojs/index.php/press/about/editorialPolicies#custom1
Go down to “Manuscript Submission Documents”. If you click on Prospectus you can look at the document no problem.
If you click on “Prospectus” you can open the file and look at it no problem.
If you try to do the same thing for “Style and Documentation Guidelines” it goes to the login page, you have to login to see this document.

We had a word document and in a different folder same thing. So I deleted the file and the folder. I then created a new file folder and file all within OJS. This time uploaded a PDF as opposed to a Word Doc. Still wants you to login to look at the PDF.

Can anyone explain why this is happening?


Notice the link for the Style Guidelines contains “manager/files”. This link was copied from the Journal Manager’s File Browser. You’ll need the public version of this link instead, something like “/public/…”.

I made the changed and based it on the link in Prospectus and now I am getting not found. Even though the file is there.

Here is the actual location on the Ubuntu server:-

So what am I missing?


There are two different file stores in OJS. The public_files_dir stores files that should be available without a login.

This is usually under your OJS install directory, and it looks to be the location for your Prospectus (ojs/public/journals/1/DocumentsforApprovedManuscripts/UCPManuscriptProspectus8Nov2010.doc).

The files_dir stores protected files which the system manages (such as article and issue galleys).

The path you specify for the Guidelines looks very much like a path to the private files_dir.

I suspect you want to move the Guidelines into public_files_dir.

Thank you. what messed me up was that the same directories and files existed under /storage as well as the public directory under ojs.

This one directory did not exist under public. So I have remove the directories under /storage that exist under public and moved the one directory to public that was causing the problem.

Now everything is working properly.

Thank you very much.