OJS oldGregg Theme - no styles on some pages


I’m an experienced software engineer but new to OJS, I have a freshly installed OJS (v3.3.0.13) with oldGregg theme (v2.2.0.) and everything seems to work fine. but after setting up and configuring an SMTP mail server with OJS and enabling user email verification, I realized when someone tries to signup or submits the forget password form, they will be redirected to a confirmation page with no styles and layouts (kindly see attached image below), and this is only happening in requestResetPassword and user/register URL endpoints.

Any Ideas on how to fix this?
Your support is appreciated.


Hi @kurdi-dev

Have you checked your webserver error log? Could you please review it and paste any related error on the thread?


Hi @israel.cefrin

Yes I have, the server logs are clear I only have one error I think it’s related to OAI :

PHP message: ojs2: 404 Not Found" while reading response header from upstream,

Also, the client’s console log is clear and every resource seems to load from the client side, but I realized that these pages with no styles have different CSS class names with pkp prefix and not using bootstrap classes that oldGregg theme uses, I don’t know if the theme covers these pages or not.

there is another page with the same issue aboutThisPublishingSystem you can check it here:


For those who have the same issue,

Since oldGregg theme doesn’t have custom template pages for these pages, the system uses the default themes templates files, so to give it style, I have added a custom .less style file to the oldGregg theme plugin and wrote the styles of the used classes using the OJS’s default theme CSS files, and this fixed my issue.