OJS OJS Plugin not working

Hi, i’m new to the OJS so please forgive me if it is an obvious question

When i access the crossref plugin to register any unregistered articles or maybe download the XML files it doesn’t work … whenever i click on download or register it takes me back to the previous page where i click on Manage DOIs again … it’s an endless cycle never working

What should i do?

I noted that when i try to do anything t takes me back to the previous page and give me this message


An error occured updating this submission’s data in Dataverse.

The oddity of the notification error referencing Dataverse instead of Crossref was fixed in 2.4.8-2.


The behavior you are describing (redirecting back to the plugin index) is almost certainly the result of this code:

That means that these calls are failing:


If you upgrade to 2.4.8-2 or later, you will get additional detail on what is failing.

thanx for replying , i got this fixed there was a permission error from the admin side so it’s working now…

What’s not working is the automatic registeration