OJS New Submission not showing up properly

Running OJS- a journal has major issues.

I just wanted to get back in touch about resolving the issues with our OJS site. We received a new submission recently (last name: Kallemeyn), which the author submitted as an “article”. This should be assigned to our editor-in-chief, Robert S. Instead, the system shows that it was assigned to all of our editors (very confusing), but even more troubling is that when I log in as Rob I cannot view the article under “editing”. When I log in as Isabelle (our practice note editor), I can view the article under “editing”, but I cannot re-assign to Rob. This type of issue could undermine our operations (ie. possibility of submissions getting lost in the system), so we must resolve this ASAP. In general, I think our website needs to undergo a round of testing, as there are many malfunctions that have arisen since the last system update which need to be resolved.

Any suggestions to resolve these issues?


Hi @EdwardDavid,

Start by reviewing the list of section editors assigned to that section in the Journal Manager’s Sections area. All section editors in that list are assigned to new submissions in that section, with editing and review access assigned accordingly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team