OJS: modifications to journal logo and homepage image should not be dependent on sidebar configuration

I’m referring to Website Settings > Appearance > Setup

Most of my journals don’t use all of the sidebar plugins. However, when we want to make changes to the logo or homepage image after an upgrade, the changes fail to save unless we manually upgrade and activate the (unused) sidebar plugins. This is inconvenient and I’m not sure the images need to be dependent on the sidebars.


Hi @tmrozewski,

Can you provide a few more details here, so we can assess this:

What version are you running in this case?
Which specific sidebar plugins are you referring to? Do the sidebar plugins you use vary between different journals (e.g. does this fail for some or all journals that you host in your instance)?

PKP Team

Referring specifically to but I’ve had this issue with previous versions of 3.x. I’ll try to catch which sidebars are affected and report back when it happens in the future.

Hi @tmrozewski, the block plugins should only load if they are enabled on the journal. If not, they shouldn’t load and shouldn’t cause any bugs. You can deactivate a block plugin by going to Settings > Website > Plugins.

Hi @NateWr , that’s not the problem: the problem is that, when we migrate from 2x to 3x, several blocks are not upgraded or activated automatically in the migrated version. This results in a situation where we have to manually upgrade and activate the sidebar blocks in order to replace the logo/homepage image.

I’ll include screenshots next time I undertake the process. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just additional workflow that’s a bit of a pain.