OJS layout edition

Hello everyone. I’m working with the OJS system on its 2.4.8 version and I have to create a new layout to it, but I’m not an expert on the area.
I searched all the archives and directories but I still don’t understand how to edit it. Could someone give me a little help?


with new layout you mean a kind of theme for OJS? if you mean that: there are some files that you need to explore, for example if you want to chance some style, color, font, size,or add some CSS you must look at:
-Specially on common.css
-On common.css

You need to check and know all the structure bye looking all this files.

Other files that you must check are the templates that use to show the content, and thats on /ojs/templates/:
-Specialy on view.tpl

If you give a explore to all the template folder and each file you may understand how this work and with that how you can give some changes to the loooking, but do it with carefully, allways do a backup first.