OJS is not generating correctly the stylesheet. using Nginx as server proxy

Hi, all.
OJS is not generating correctly the stylesheet, when I try to load on the
browser, I have errors in the contents of the page, because it is
generated in HTTP instead of HTTPS. I am using Nginx as server proxy. I
tried to modify some parameters of the config.ini.php file, configuring
the url base as sugested: base_url[journal_path] = http://www.myUrl.com,
enabling even the proxy configuration of the file itself. I did not get
any changes. I checked the file PKPRequest.inc.php this file has a
function called function getProtocol() to get the request by HTTP or
HTTPS. At this point I have the following question: Is there any other way
to set the OJS so that it originates the stylesheet in HTTPS instead of

You can force OJS to use the HTTPS protocol for all requests via config.inc.php’s force_ssl:

Otherwise, OJS should respond with the protocol which was used to fetch the page, as you indicated. Thus, this may depend on your proxy server’s configuration rather than OJS itself.

Hi, thank for the answer, I resolved with “fastcgi_param HTTPS on” in Nginx