OJS - Is it possible to import reviews

I have a journal that is hosting by a different organization.
I have exported the users, issues and articles from their site to our site and that is fine.
Under Editor on the old site there are 12 in Review .
Is it possible to export and import these to from the old site to the new site?
Both sites are using OJS-2.4.6.


Hi Edward,

If I am not wrong, OJS currently exports only published objects and users. The workflow details are not exportable. This requires a lot of effort in coding, because there are a lot of things going on in multiple tables. Can’t you dump the database and migrate to the new installation? This is the best option to get all workflow information…

Hi @beghelli,
Unfortunately the journal is being hosting at a different site and there are multiple journals in the one database which I am told is next to impossible to export the data. I find it rather strange as each journal can have a unique database assigned to it. Having said that if all of the journals are using the same database I cannot see how that would work.

Anyway I was told they cannot export just the data for this specific journal to give to me



All journals installed on the same system will use the same database. And it is hard to export data related only to one journal but not impossible.

One possible solution would be to setup another database cloned from the one you want to get data from and let the site admin delete all journals but the one you want, via UI.

Of course that the database will still have some data about all users, but that’s the best idea I could think of without coding or creating custom sql queries to clean up the database.


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