[OJS is] Can you change the text to an img in Navigation menu items


My version OJS is

My question is the following, I have created a Navigation menu Items, associating a url. And my question is how, can I make an image appear instead of the text appearing in the menu.

I look forward to your help.

Hello, can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

@ctgraham @asmecher can you help me?

There isn’t a way in the user interface to do this.
What I would do is to try to use CSS to hide the text of the anchor tag and display a background image instead.

Thanks @ctgraham

In which CSS style sheet can I find it? Thank you and I look forward to it.

You will want to upload new CSS within Settings → Website → Appearance → Journal Style Sheet (or Site Style Sheet).

The content of the stylesheet would implement something like this:

Hi @ctgraham

Thank you. But I can’t find the CSS file path in my OJS 3.

Ajustes → Sitio web → Apariencia - > Plantilla de la revista