OJS Internal Review process ( importane )

Dear why OJS 3 did not have internal review in his own workflow if any how can i do the internal review on the systems so it is very importane

Hi @muazsid,

This is one of the main differences between OMP and OJS: OMP has support for Internal Review with a separate set of reviewers, and OJS only supports External Review. (Internal Review is not a common workflow element for journals.) However, you can achieve the same thing in OJS using multiple rounds of review: assign your internal reviewers to the first round, and when that’s finished, assign your external reviewers to a second round.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

thanks @asmecher for your replay we allready do the first round for internal review but for my view it is very nessary when we have internal review on OJS becouse it is different stage and procedure from external review