OJS Integration in WordPress- REST API Plugin

We’ve had a request to integrate OJS via WP plugin. This is the last documentation I’ve seen
but it is rather dated and doesn’t seem to have worked for a lot of people and doesn’t seem supported.

Has anyone successfully implemented this? We are running OJS 2.4.5.

Thank you.

Hi @mconrad,

I am not sure who did that documentation, but the first step is wrong. The REST plugin that Matt Crider developed for OJS can be found here: GitHub - mcrider/rest: A gateway plugin for Open Journal Systems that allows external applications to make HTTP requests for information about a journal, returning JSON-formatted data.

The first step is linking to a wordpress theme plugin, which will not work in OJS.

I would suggest that you first install the REST plugin in OJS, make sure it’s working and then trying to build your wordpress theme.

The REST plugin is old, but at a glance I did not see any problem with it. Try installing that and let us know if any error is happening, and I can try to help fixing it.