OJS Installation on AWS EC2

Can anyone help with installing and configuring OJS 3.x on an AWS EC2?

We have just finished upgrade on our EC2 + RDS, happy to answer questions i know

It’s not uncommon to see OJS installed on AWS nowdays, so it would be great if someone could write a very brief installation guide. I don’t usually propose a job without volunteering first :-), but I don’t have access to AWS…

Hi mapress888

I’m trying to install multiple OJS journals with unique domain names on an EC2 server via a whm/cpanel. The apache configuration does not apply here. Would you be kind enough to guide me on your approach?

Thank you for the offer to help.

I’ve just concluded setting up a centOS server with cpanel on an EC2 instance.
I’ve equally installed OJS3 successfully BUT nothing seems to be working thereafter.

  1. On logging in, the administrative function isnt working. It comes up with this message “There are no journals available”.
  2. Sometimes it comes up(which should not be so), I cannot create a journal at all nor be allowed to use the function.

It looks as if there are so many bugs to fix. Could you be kind enough to help me through this maze?