OJS in cloud version

Hi, have you thought about generate a cloud version of OJS? an OJS version SAAS?
It would be fantastic, with transparent version update.
I Know that it means additional cost and restrictions, but it could be possible?

Hi @malvaraa,

We’re gradually working towards broader support for OJS in a variety of deployments, but we definitely want to keep OJS’s free/open source foundations, so will always support it as a download-and-install package. (Personally I’ve seen several FOSS projects attempt to commercialize at the cost destroying their credibility and user community, and would be very wary of following that approach.)

There are several service providers out there, including PKP Publishing Services, for those who don’t have the tech personnel on hand to manage upgrades etc.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Alec for your answer.