OJS image upload fails, Journal Step 5

Hello, I’m unable to upload a header title image:
Invalid homepage header title image format or upload failed. Accepted formats are .gif, .jpg, or .png.

Populating a fresh install, latest OJS version, files and public directories are write-able.
On a shared Linux CentOS server.

Looking in the config file, Fileinfo (MIME) Settings is commented out by default.

Where have I gone wrong?
Thanks in advance …

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Check with your hosting provider to see discover the correct file path to the server’s “MIME magic” file. You can then uncomment the mime_database_path setting in config.inc.php with this path specified.

Done! Sadly it did not solve my problem.

Did your hosting provider confirm that the path of /etc/magic.mime was correct?

Have you checked your server’s error log for any relevant messages?

Since my host is currently under water in Houston and not responding to calls, I simply tried the same path that works for the original install in a different directory. Now, I just tried uploading a jpg rather than a png, and it went swimmingly (pun intended). So all good for now! Thanks, very much!