OJS - how to set a range of dates in the journal

I recently started working with OJS

I need some help to know if it´s possible to do what I want to do in the OJS journal

Unfortunately, at my institution we still using the 2.4.8 version of OJS

At this time, I’m having some issues with the date of one of the journal
I will explain,
We digitalized some volumes of an old journal to make available at the OJS, but each volume has fascicles and the date of the volume goes from 1929 until 1935 for example
I need to set up the date like this: volume1 1923 -1926 but in the management of the journal only allow me to set one date and even if I do it manually, write the date, the OJS assume an 0 (zero) in the beginning

I will send some images to show the problem

if I choose this:

This is the result (I have the 0/zero):


I tried like this, it’s not bad:


But in fact I want something like this (I altered the image):


Thanks in advance
Best regards,


Hi @raquelnoivo

It is not possible to enter a date range for the issue. So you did it correctly: either you can add that information in the issue title or description. If it is enough for you to add it in the description, you can choose other type of identification, e.g. volume and title, or just title (without having the date range in it)…


Thanks for the Help
But tell me something, the recent version of OJS allows me to do that or I will have the same issue?


Hi @raquelnoivo

It is the same in the new OJS version…


Thanks again.