OJS FundRef support

Hi all,

Is there any plugin for FundRef support for OJS?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Dimitris,

Fundref support is something we’re looking into. Right now we’re fine-tuning the Crossref deposit plugin as it currently exists, making it work better and provide more comprehensive and comprehensible results. Once that is done, we’ll be adding other features in coordination with Crossref, including Fundref support. These new features will be completed on the 3.x line, not the 2.x line. No firm guesses as to when they will be done, but maybe a 6 month window from now.


Hi there,

FundRef support in OJS would be great!

Has progress been made on this?

Thanks so much in advance.

Hi ianthe,

Good to hear support for this! We recently met with Crossref to discuss development for this, and that dev work is planned for this spring/summer; so you can probably anticipate the functionality (along with reference linking, cited-by display, and some other stuff) in OJS 3.2. We’ll be updating folks via the blog on this work over time.


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That’s great, thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hi @jmacgreg! Is this still slated for OJS 3.2?

Hi Alex, mostly - Funding Data and Reference Linking will be included in 3.2 (I actually think they are included in 3.1.2). I don’t think Cited By support is scheduled at the moment, but that (along with Crossmark support, and also general UI/UX updates) are the next to be done. @AhemNason may have more updates to share as well.


Hi Alex, James is right. Funding data and reference linking are in 3.1.2 but Cited By is still on our development list. Hopefully, we can move towards starting to address that, Crossmark, and the new iThenticate display API over the next year or so.