OJS Federated system - Author dual profiles


We are running our OJS on a federated system and journal managers cannot log into some of its signed up author profiles because that same author is registered with another journal on the same federated system. In the past (November 2016) the journal managers could log into its’ signed up author profiles.

Can anyone help please, how can our journal managers log into its’ signed up author profiles that share the same profile in two journals running on the same federated OJS system?

Paulette Talliard
Stellenbosch University, South Africa

It sounds like you have one OJS 2.4.x install, with multiple journals hosted. It is a security concern to allow a journal manager of one journal within the install to login as a author where the author is registered in journals for which that journal manager does not have privileges.

If the journal manager has privileges in all of the journals where the author is registered, the login-as function should be permitted.

Thanks ctgraham - that was my thought as well.