OJS error in ORCID

I tried saving my ORCID credentials after requesting it from the developer tools of my ORCID account. I used the Public API and entered the client ID and client secret in the ORCID plugin of the OJS. However, upon saving the credentials, the page just keeps on loading and it failed to save the credentials. At first, I thought ORCID is having an issue, so I contacted someone from ORCID, however, they told me that:

“gil this problem of not saving has nothing to do with the ORCID plugin ok? you are having problems with your OJS … talk to the person in charge of information technology, the server where the system is installed, please - certainly other updates and other plugins will present the same problem - your ORCID configuration is correct, check your OJS”

-Does somebody know what specific problem am I encountering? Thank you very much.