[OJS] emailTemplates.xml not working

OJS 2.4.7-1 with patch applied [Add missing words in emailTemplates by samueloph · Pull Request #801 · pkp/ojs · GitHub].

The changes from the patch applied are not seem, even for languages that already have them (the english email templates, for example).

One example message is:
Prezado(a) NAME:

Foi tomada uma decisão sobre o artigo submetido à JOURNAL, “TITLE”.

A decisão é:


“Prezado(a)” is not on the emailTemplate, i wonder if i’m getting the emails from another file.
But the main thing here is that the decision “A decisão é:” is never displayed, even with en_US “Our decision is:”.

I’ve tried clearing the cache and template cache from the portal administrator menu but nothing worked.

Hi @samueloph,

The email templates are installed from the XML files only when the journal is first created; after that the templates live in the database. You can either re-install the locale – if you’ve customized your emails this may be a bad idea – or use the create/edit tools under Journal Management > Prepared Emails to make the changes in the database for those templates.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

Unfortunately i don’t believe this would be very practical since we have 12 journals.

Would an upgrade, using the “full package” method, trigger this templates updates? I mean if the $ php tools/upgrade.php upgrade command documented would do the job of updating such things. If yes, that would be just a case of upgrading our installation.


The email templates will be installed by the upgrade.php process, if described in the upgrade.xml:

This doesn’t solve the problem of re-installing missed templates. For example, an upgrade from 2.4.8 to 2.4.9 wouldn’t reinstall REVIEW_REQUEST_REMIND_AUTO_ONECLICK with the above code.

One small clarification on the flow:
The email templates move from the XML files to the email_templates_default and email_templates_default_data at install/upgrade, and can be customized in email_templates and email_templates_data.

The option “Reload Default Email Templates” in the “Prepared Emails” area will pull the contents from the XML files to the email_templates_default and email_templates_default_data, but beware: there is a significant bug before 2.4.9. See Reload Default Email Templates misses deleted templates and deletes plugin data · Issue #1303 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Thanks @ctgraham, If i understood correctly, waiting for 2.4.9 to upgrade and reload the email templates will do fine.

Looking at the milestones for 2.4.9 i believe it will take some time until its release, but this is not so urgent anyway.