OJS DOI suffix patterns


We have DOI prefix: and we use OJS System. I looked at the “Sample DOI suffix patterns” page.

We want pattern: http://dx.doi.org/xx.xxxxx/neu.0002550 But how in OJS add “neu.0002550”.

Each article will continue this way. (neu.0002551, neu.0002552, neu.0002553…)

OJS in 3 options. I add attched screenshot “DOI Plugin Settings”. On this page, where do we need to write clearly? :slight_smile:

Another question. If we set it up (eu.0002550), would it be a problem when we open more than one Journal?

Thank you in advance.



What happens after neu.0002559? Does it roll to neu.0002560 or new.00025510? If the latter, your article pattern could be “neu.000255%a”, where “new.000255” is constant, and “%a” is the article id.

The DOI pattern is set per-journal, so a second journal in the same installation can use a different pattern.

Thank you for answer. Yes neu.0002560, neu.0002561, neu.0002562… So if we write this way (“neu.000255%a”), it will.

Thank you.

The pattern “neu.000255%a” will add the article id onto the end of “255…”, so it will not roll over to “256…”.

Note that a DOI should be opaque, and should not intentionally represent meaningful information within the formulation of the DOI itself. If you are trying to synchronize the newly generated DOIs with historic publication numbers, this is explicitly discouraged.