OJS doesn not send emails

Hello, I am running OJS on XAMPP (on Windows)
for some reason OJS is failing to send emails, I tried both mail function and smtp.

I also run a simple php script from OJS installation directory to check if the server sends emails via mail function, and it worked, so the problem must be somewhere within OJS

Would appreciate any help on the issue.

Hi @Vladislav_Mavrin,

Are there any associated entries in PHP log?
Does your local machine have configured sendmail running? If yes, does the log confirm that the mail is out for delivery?

@Vitaliy hi, thank you for your reply.
the local machine has sendmail running. In which directory I can check the email logs for OJS?

What about sendmail logs: mail error log and mail queue?

Also, what about PHP log?

OJS uses PHPMailer, if the problem is on PHP side, it should be reflected in PHP log