OJS Data Transfer


We’re working on transitioning our OJS installation into a cPanel instance. With that, we’re trying to determine how best to transfer the data not available for export via the Import/Export Plugins–e.g., journal settings, articles currently in review, etc. Our OJS database is currently Postgres and cPanel only supports MySQL, so we were trying to avoid a DB dump that could result in corrupted data when trying to move from Postgres to MySQL.

Short of manually copying over the journal settings, we can’t think of another solution, but this wouldn’t help with articles that are currently under review and/or editing. Are we missing something? Is there some way to export settings and other data associated with a journal?


You might want to consider the community-contributed fullJournalTransfer plugin:

In the documentation it says that both journals need to be on OJS 2.4.6. Do they both need to be on 2.4.6 exactly or can one be on 2.4.6 or greater?

That would be a good question for @abadan, or as a GitHub issue to clarify the documentation.

In my personal experience, I would suspect that “OJS 2.4.6 or better” on both journals would work.

It appears that it does. We were running into another issue. The plugin works magic!