OJS config.inc.php show_upgrade_warning

Since a few days, it takes about 1 mn to display the administrator page in OJS. I suspect the installation of new filters in the routers that block the access to the PKP site (to look at a new version).
I tried show_upgrade_warning = Off in config.inc.php
We have always the same problem.
Thanks for your help,

That does sound a lot like a network timeout of some sort, but the check for the latest release of the software only occurs if show_upgrade_warning is On, so there must be something else at play.

Can you use the browser’s Inspector tool to watch the network traffic? This would confirm whether the delay is on the initial page load, or on a secondary request:

I am a stupid boy.
I changed the wrong config.inc.php file (we have many different sites, VM…)
So: show_upgrade_warning = Off works
I’m very sorry for the noise

Hi @JLA,

It happens to the best of us – glad you got it going.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team