OJS character set issues mariadb 10.4 UTF8 OJS 3.2.1

Description of issue or problem I’m having:
I’m moving the OJS database from an “devil may care” configured MariaDB server to our new cluster, which is tuned and has specific standards we’re adhering to.
Here’s what’s changing:
The default engine in the new cluster is InnoDB.
The default character set is utf8mb4 (utf8 in mysql is not “true” utf8 utf8mb4 insures that each character has 4 bytes encoding.)

I exported the ojs database and imported it to our new cluster
I altered the engine type for each table and the character set and client character set for each table. Insuring that the ojs database was fully utf8mb4.

Now I see  characters. (example below)
To learn more about Open Journal Systems, visit http://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/.
What I’m finding is that these characters are actually  
vb.net - HTML encoding issues - "Â" character showing up instead of " " - Stack Overflow

What would be the best way to rectify this display error?

So I’ve been able to work around this display issue. The database character set is utf8mb4 every table is set utf8mb4 as well. the collation is utf8mb4_general_ci, In the ojs app I have set the collation_charset to latin1_swedish_ci and the connection_charset to latin. This seems to work in all cases. It would be nice to set the ojs application to utf8mb4 and the utf8mb4_general_ci. but that gives the aforementioned display issues.

Hola @eamallory, tu comentario me permitió resolver el mismo inconveniente, muchas gracias!

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