OJS: Change paper owner?

I run a journal using OJS and an author is no longer in a situation where he can respond quickly to emails or upload revisions. A coauthor would like to take on the role of principal contact and we’ve run into 2 problems:

  • though I changed the principal author for editorial contacts in metadata, emails that aren’t to all authors are still addressed to the original main contact
  • the new main contact author, since the paper was created with someone else’s login, can’t see the paper to submit an update

The first looks like a bug – is it fixed in a later release?

The second requires a feature I may be missing to change the owner of the paper to another enrolled user: does such a feature exist? I would rather not restart this as a fresh paper since it has had a round of review already and I don’t want to history to be dispersed.

Hi @philipmach,

User accounts and author accounts are kept quite separate – and only the submitting user has access to the workflow. (This is something we’ve made improvements to, which will be released with OJS 3.0.)

You could use the “merge users” tool to merge the previous submitting author’s account with the prospective one; this would effectively delete the first account and give the second access to their workflow information for all submissions they’ve made. (This wouldn’t affect authorship records.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I think my question might be related to the setup that the “submitting user” has workflow access. We do not have 3.0 yet. Here is the problem:

As Journal Manager I created a new author/user account, who is a primary author of an article, presently in Review. Also as Journal Manager I submitted the article and input the Submission Metadata. To my knowledge, the author has not logged in to OJS.

The author subsequently sent revised files. I would like to upload a file to the “Author Version” under “Editor Decision” section of the Review page. When I “log in as” the author, they show (0) active items. Why isn’t their article visible?

Hi @cspeditr,

If you submitted the article while logged in with your own Journal Manager account, it won’t be associated with the user account you created. To do that, you would’ve had to Log In As the author and created the submission under their account. If you haven’t done so, you should be able to find the submission in your Journal Manager’s submission lists.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

OK, thank you. Your explanation (in another post) of the distinction
between user and author accounts helped me to understand this. I read that
improved linking will be in place in OJS 3.0 – so in the new version,
under the present scenario (submission by manager), will the submission be
linked to author (i.e., visible to “log-in-as” manager, and of course the
author him/herself)? Or will the fact that manager also created the author,
who may not have ever logged in, prevent the link?

Hi @cspeditr,

In OJS 3.x, you can explicitly list which users are able to act as authors in the workflow. There’s still separation between those who have access in the workflow and who is listed in the scholarly record as an author, but in 3.x you have control over the former (and can, for example, add several users).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi, Alec,
I have a different question… generally speaking, may I ask you here, or
should I post all questions on the forum?

I am a new user (OJS 2.x), and have been working with the process around
article submissions for the past 3 months. It then occurred to me that book
reviews might be done the same way? I found the Book Reviews among the
sections, but even as a “log in as” user, I could not create a new book
review because that section is not listed in the drop down box. Then I went
hunting for settings or instructions concerning the submission of book
reviews – and found none.
Unless I’m mistaken, it was only AFTER I created and saved a book review
that the Settings menu became available on this page
Did I miss it? Namely, if from this page
I click on the Books for Review link and the list is empty, will the
SETTINGS command/link be there? Unfortunately, I can’t test it, because I
now have the reviews (and the Settings command).
I need to know whether I’ve found a design flaw or suffered an episode of
temporary blindness :wink:

Hi @cspeditr,

Would you mind posting this as a new topic? That’ll help to keep the forum readable for others who might hit the same issues.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Good enough, thanks.

can i do that, without removing the actual content?