OJS Callback Signatures for Plugins

Dear all, I’d like to add (via plugin) a button that triggers some database query with subsequent server-base file processing at the end of the editorDecision page—no big deal, I thought a first.
The problems arise when I try to locate the correct hook to register my plugin-callbacks against.
Frankly, I must admit I’m lost: the file templates/editor/editorDecision.tpl seems to display the page, but does not have any hooks being called there (I have inserted a {call_hook ‘latex’} and this
calls up my ‘latex’-registered callback, but I don’t think the arguments being passed therein
provide the input data for my database query—like user id, article id and so forth.)
So my question is: where is the file/code which renders the aforementioned template file so I’m able either to let my callbacks be called from this location or create a registry-call through changing this file by myself.

Many thanks
Yours sincerely

OK, figured it out by myself: call_hook passes the smarty-object as reference to the called
function. This magically provided me with all the information I require. Thanks!