OJS as a Research proposal system

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I work on diferent journals and Univesities. One of them is using OJS as a Research Proposal System, where researchers(professors) submit their proposals (project, schedule, documents and else) and managers and institution stackholders assess all material and give OK or NOT OK to these researches.

Is there some equivalent software on PKP to do that? Or OJS aims on it too? I mean, is there some OPS (Open Proposal System) on development or intention of it? Even a plugin ?



Hi @israel.cefrin,

We spoke with a group a few years ago who used OJS in that way, and if I recall correctly, another group who had adapted OCS.

It’s not something we’re looking to implement in the near future, but I will note that we’re putting a lot of effort into building the common elements of OMP and OJS into the PKP shared library – effectively the two applications are gradually turning into different configurations of the same application. The next big step in this will be releasing the two simultaneously, which is a change we’ll expect to make this summer.

That’ll hopefully free us up to consider other deployments as well; whether or not we tackle an OCS rewrite for the current generation of our software will largely hinge on this.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Tks @asmecher for your answear. It clears how is going the development effort.
I will keep looking on what the researchers need on a system like that (and using OJS as this tool for now).

And I will stay tunned on possible OJS project “forks” as well on OCS and OMP.