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Hello everyone and thank you for the time you will dedicate to me. I have been using ojs for a short time now and I still have a lot to learn. I have to ask you for advice regarding web security. unfortunately the magazine site that I made, amq.aiqua.it, has been hacked several times, although there is always the most updated version of the ojs. the site resides on the Italian servers of the Arub * service (I don’t know if I can mention it). what I ask you is, I level of protection of the site, in addition to always keeping the cms updated, what can I do? and above all, what can I request from those from whom I purchase the web space, to raise this level of protection? thanks a lot to everyone

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Hello @simgiallorosso,

Others may wish to weigh in, but in case you weren’t familar with it, I’d encourage you to consult our documentation on securing your OJS instance here: Securing Your System

PKP Team

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