OJS: add an issue without GUI

Hello community.

I search for ways to add issues without user interaction.
The docs do only list readonly REST APIs:

Is ‘adding issues’ already there and I didn`t see it; is it a planned feature? Are there other ways to perform that action outside the OJS application?

Thank you for any tips.

Otherwise I am going to write my own plugin…

Hi @pglatza,

What version are you currently working from? I think you can use the xml import from the command line, but that may not be what you’re looking for: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/admin-guide/en/data-import-and-export#use-importexport-plugins-from-the-command-line

@NateWr: do you know of any plans around this?

PKP Team

The REST API does not yet have endpoints for creating, editing or deleting issues. The XML import is the only way.

Thank you both. As an XML/XSLT developer the Native XML Plugin is what I really looking for to import data in the OJS v3.3. The HTTP API would have been an option to exclude any user action or where you don’t have command line access to OJS.
So far, thank you for the answer and the tip.