OJS: a quick read on the landscape

Hi, I am trying to get a quick read on whether OJS would be a viable system to use with our journal, particularly the submission system part of it. Our journal editors have a few “make-or-break” requirements for the submission system, and I would like to talk to someone who currently is using OJS for a scholarly journal, who can give me a feel for how it is working for them. Even a ten minute phone call would be a great assistance. Anyone who could help? If not, is there a general “OJS outreach” number that I have been too clumsy to find? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @mhammill,

We’re a small group and don’t have a contact phone number for general questions; we’ll occasionally set up Skype / Google Hangout sessions to discuss potential partnerships or projects, but our preferred means of contact with the community at large is this forum. If you’re interested in particular features, then discussing them here helps to build a knowledge base – there’s probably someone else out there who has the same requirements, and this can both help them understand what’s available, and document community needs for us.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team