[OJS 3.x and further] Allow assigning multiple participants at once in editorial stages

Hello everyone, @asmecher, @ctgraham, and PKPers,

While using OJS for a few years now, from 1.5 to (as of this date) we request, if possible, enabling the assigning of multiple participants to an editorial stage or task.

Since OJS makes use of e-mail templates, and most use variables in them (authors, reviewers and editorial team besides editors), the system could make assigning multiple participants easier.

We must assign at least 3 editors to a submission, librararians for normalization, translators, reviewers, copyeditors and so forth.

This would reduce immensily the amount of cliking and modal page pop-up during work.

Also, on another enhancement, add <labels> to form elements in order to allow clicking on the text instead of just readio buttons and checkboxes.

HI @ramon,

You can automatically assign editors to submissions for each section by editing the section under Settings > Journal > Sections. Editors assigned there will be automatically assigned when a submission is completed in that section.

Regarding other assignments (librarians, translators, copyeditors), are you asking for the to be assigned automatically? What events would trigger these assignments and how would that be configured on your end? Is the same copyeditor assigned to every submission? How would the system know which one to assign to which submission?

Hello @NateWr ,

No, just the editors are assigned to the submissions all the time.
The other members may be external.

Hello @NateWr,

I forgot to mention that we have editors assigned, not section editors.
Should we add that role and add them to the sections? I cannot assign editors to a section, only section editors.

Yes, only section editors can be automatically assigned to submissions in a section. There’s no other way to do automatic assignments. Based on your description, it sounds like the other assignments can’t be made automatically but need a human to select the correct person.