OJS 3 Swedish translation


I’d like to start working on a Swedish translation of OJS 3 and could coordinate this work with others. The present listed contact for Swedish translations of OJS has no time for the project at this time.

I need some help to get started with GitHub stuff, and a list of what files need to be translated.

If anyone is interested in helping with the translation, please contact me.

Jacob Andersson
Malmö University


Hi @bijaan,

thanks for your offer. It would be great to add a complete Swedish translation to OJS 3.

I will follow up with you via PM and we can find out which way works best for you to update the translation.

PKP Translation Management Coordinator

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Hi @bijaan, any news on the Swedish translation?

Hi, I’ve been buried in other work, but there is now a mail list for Swedish OJS-users. I will hopefully get to work on the translation next week.

Från: ajnyga [mailto:pkp@forum.pkp.sfu.ca]
Skickat: den 17 mars 2017 14:32
Till: Jacob Andersson
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March 17

Hi @bijaanhttp://forum.pkp.sfu.ca/users/bijaan, any news on the Swedish translation?

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… and I could add that I have been in contact with @bijaan and will also be contributing to the Swedish translation. I have previously contributed to translations in 2.4* and am looking forward to continuing the work of completing (and reviewing) the Swedish translation of OJS now when 3.0 is released.

Martin Persson, Lund University Library


Hi @martinpub and @bijaan

Do you have a schedule concerning the Swedish translation for OJS3?

Hi @ajnyga,

We are almost finished with the base system, and are planning to make a pull request for them to be included in the near future (hopefully in a few weeks). Also, we have started to look at the plugins locale files.

I hope this is good news.

Thanks @martinpub, this is of course excellent news!

I was actually able to contact a person from Linnéuniversitetet and they were kind enough to send me the working version of their translation. We will use it until the official release.


Great @ajnyga, stay put for the full, new translation.


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@ajnyga PRs pending on GitHub, will be merged for the 3.1 release.


Thanks, yes I noticed yesterday. Great job, thank you!