OJS 3: Same email announcement sent twice to some users

One of our journals on OJS 3.0.2 just published a new issue, and some users got the notification email twice.

Some of the editors have a main account with many roles, and test accounts with only one role, connected to a different email address. As far as I can tell only the multirole accounts got two emails. My own admin account that only has the roles Journal Editor and Journal Manager only got one email.

I couldn’t find anything in the email-log in the database, I assume because these are automatic emails, is there any other data stored about this?


Hi @simonmitternacht,

When an announcements email list is compiled by the system there is no de-duping done, so if an account is active in more than a single role they could receive multiple notifications.

In terms of where to check what emails have been sent out, it depends how you have configured your site to send mail, but possibilities include the email sending logs on your server or the delivery logs on your SMTP server.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @astevens,
Thanks, then I guess there’s not that much harm done, if only editors and managers got duplicate emails.

I don’t know if this is the right forum for enhancement requests, but it would certainly be nice if email lists were deduplicated in future versions.


Hi @simonmitternacht,

You are welcome to file this as an feature request on GitHub. There are a few other open issues related to announcements but nothing about de-duplicating that I can find.


This got lost somewhere, but I have filed a request now: Deduplicate email-recipients for new issue notifications · Issue #3460 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

The problem continues when public a new issue same users got more than one email with the same notification. We use ojs-3_1_1_4
The users isnt on notification list.