OJS 3: Reducing citation format

How i can reduce citation format appeared in the article details? I have tried to uncheck the items in plugin but they remain checked (active)?

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My question is the same. I think, the ideal format for this element is a dropdown box.
Now it takes too much space on the page. Some of the formats listed are not quite actual. E.g., ProCite and RefMAn are abandoned for years…

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It looks like the individual citation format plugins can not be deactivated, only uninstalled completely. I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind that but perhaps someone knows.

In terms of the layout of the format selection, I do think we plan to tighten that up a bit. We probably won’t be able to go with a straightforward dropdown though, as that kind of interaction typically has some accessibility concerns. We’ll have to take some time to explore an accessible solution to the problem. That’s why I went with a very simple implementation for 3.0.

We are searching for a similar solution, but it had not been possible. Somebody have any solution for this problem with the citation format?