[OJS 3] Problem with access after upgrade. User admin can't access to all submissions


After Upgrade OJS 3 to 3 1 1 2 2018-08-24

if, i do
Dashboard → Issues → Back Issues → Edit → Submission

You don’t currently have access to that stage of the workflow.

user: Admin

I can access to /authorDashboard/submission/140
but not to /workflow/access/140

I think the problem is:
before, admin can access to all.
after, admin can’t access to all. Only to submissions,where admin is assigned editor.

Before upgrade, all was correct. Thanks.

I have the same problem, after upgrade user admin not access to certain submissions.

¿There is some solution for this issue?


Hola Enrique, en este caso, tuvimos que asignar como editor al administrador, en los artículos antiguos.