OJS 3, notifying authors their revised submission has been received

Hi, I have been working along the editorial process (OJS 3) and have a observation from the author’s perspective. When the author is required to provide a revised copy (after peer review) they will receive an email and notification which is great.

Once the author has uploaded the revised document under ‘revisions - upload review file - confirm’ and have clicked ‘complete’ the new revised file appears in the box but then the author is ‘left hanging’ - there’s no save/complete/ inform editor button or notification sent to finish off the session and from my observations the author/user is left wondering what to do next/ did it work? It’s likely (from my experience) that they’ll then try to contact the editor out of OJS to find out if it worked.

I was wondering if it was possible to include a notification to confirm to the author that their submission was received after submitting the revised file? I know the upload submission box tells them so (but users seem to want final confirmation it worked - if that makes sense?)



Great suggestion – thanks! I’ve filed an issue here.

Does anybody know what the current status of this suggestion is? We are really struggling with this issue because we’re getting a lot of emails from authors who are unsure if their revisions had been correctly uploaded. We’re using OJS and will be upgrading to 3.1.2 and 3.2 next year.

No progress yet, @henry.robbert, but we know this is a problem for our editors. We have an issue filed to address this at Improve UX for uploading revisions · Issue #4976 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

I am following on on this feature request. Any progress?
The REVISED_VERSION_NOTIFY email template should CC the authors. I get many emails a day from authors wanting confirmation that their article was uploaded successfully. An option to CC the authors of a successful upload would solve this problem.