OJS 3 Notifications opening issue

We are using OJS we are facing problem of notification opening. when I login through admin id, the notifications Bell icon shows 80 notifications but when i click on it it change to reloading. the waiting/reloading option appears for long time and didn’t open.
anyone help please

Hi @Abid_Rehman,

Are you able to see anything in your PHP error log that might point to what is occurring here?

PKP Team

Hello @rcgillis ,
thanks for response. we are using shared hosting, in error log there is no message about, may be it is because of that when i click on the notifications (bell icon) it change to reloading and for long time nothing shows until I close it.
this issue is only on admin account all other authors account (id) are working and having no problem.

Hi @rcgillis ,
I have solved the issue through this command
DELETE FROM notifications;
DELETE FROM notification_settings;
now all the old notifications cleared the now I can view the new-one.
thanks for your response…