OJS 3 how to disable new submissions

Hi, We’ve decided to rename our journal and have a need to freeze the old journal OJS. How do I prevent new submissions?

I went to roles and removed authors from the submission stage. Is this enough to prevent new submissions?

And to help, we’ve put messages on the homepage telling people to go to the new journal website.

Dear @MarkAGregory,
Login your journal select Users & Roles select or click Site Access Options click User Registration (The Journal Manager will register all user accounts. Editors or Section Editors may register user accounts for reviewers.)

Thank you for this pointer, however, what is to stop an existing user from making a new submission?

Hi, I would like hide button “New submission” only for 2 journals, is it possible?
An example: if($currentJournal->getId() == 100 ) hide button “New Submission”

I tried to modify:

 if($currentJournal->getById() ==100){print_r("Hello");}

I don’t like to modify:


Any help ?


Hi, I overide Header.tpl on lib/pkp/templates and I checked to show the menu.

I resolved the problem.



I’m interested in this too. Some questions:

  1. where is the file you mentionned? Can’t find it in my installation.

  2. How did you modify header.tpl


Hi @san,
What do you want to do ??

If you want delete “new submission”, you can edit this file: pages/dashboard/DashboardHandler.inc.php and delete “submissions” from construct function ?


Hi @xavi

I would like to do exactly as you mentioned in the image above = do not show the ‘New Submission’ button next to the “filters” button. (Of course I could use some CSS to do this, but I want to understand more, because I the end I would like to actually replace this by another button).

I don’t understand your suggestion about pages/dashboard/DashboardHandler.inc.php. In this file I don’t see what I can do in the ‘__construct’ function (see here)

I think this “new submission” button is coded into the Vue.js component that is called in the dashboard/index.tpl file, so it’s not so easy to modify. Or maybe I miss something?

REMARK: I am using the official ojs 3.1.2-1, and I just noticed that the versions of pages/dashboard/DashboardHandler.inc.php and templates/dashboard/index.tpl in the current github are quite different from what I have…

I am sorry my mistake.

Can you review this condition ?


Hi Xavi

I think this file is reponsible for the primary navigation menu, but not for the buttons appearing in the “submissions” pages, as in your screenshot

[quote=“san, post:10, topic:51235”]
Hi @san,
can you comment this code: from lib/ui-library/src/components/ListPanel/submissions/SubmissionsListPanel.vue

<li v-if="currentUserCanAddSubmission">