OJS 3 download article - naming

currently, I have many articles that I have to download and process for copyediting. A lot of them are word-files at the moment and have to be converted to tex. The authors uploaded the figures/artwork for there submissions seperately as we asked them for. Now, if I download all the files they get this automatic naming containing id, genre, date and so on. Because of that I can’t just compile the tex because the artwork files now have wrong naming. Is there a way to have the naming reflect the filename it had when it was submitted by the author?


Hi @henkel,

If I understand correctly, you’d like downloaded files to maintain the same name that was used upon upload. Have a look at this thread related to OMP – it includes a suggested modification. Note that you’ll need to adapt this slightly to suit OJS 3.0.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team