OJS 3: DOI not assigning took so much time

Recently we upgrade our OJS to from ojs 2.4.8 OJS 3.1.2. we have very large database with 10,000 + published articles.
Now, we unable to assign DOI on our journal as took so much indefinite time.
There is no code error as we able to assign it on journal with small no. of published articles.
Is there any way to escape DOI unique checking. It was there for OJS 2.4.8 but i didnt find it for OJS 3
Thanks & Regards

Hi @apacetech,
Can you determine what request takes that time, e.g. with browser’s tools for developers?

Same problem… I have 30000 article… Use dedicated server but same problem

When I updated 2.4 to 3.1, the links changed, so DOI no longer finds the articles. What did you do to fix this?

Hello @bozana and @asmecher ,

Someone has been able to resolve this error. The same happens to me and I use version 3.1.2 of OJS.