OJS 3 Distinct Administrator and Journal editor

I don’t know if this should be in questions or in Feature Requests, but I think that Administrators shouldn’t be registered as Journal Managers (Editors), there are some places where this is confusing to other members of editorial team that are using platform, and often we get questions like “why is someone that is technical manager listed as Journal editor”. Is there a way to distinct admin and editor roles? Also, Is there a way to remove things like Settings for Editors, I found that there isn’t much for them, because they are editors, and settings are mostly technical related.

Hi @knjigor,

There are three separate roles you’re mentioning – the Site Administrator (who can create/delete journals etc., and who often won’t be listed anywhere on the site), and the Journal Manager and Editor. The latter two have more or less the same technical capabilities, including editing settings.

We removed the previous hard distinction between Editor and Journal Manager because we found that most users were working with both roles, i.e. it wasn’t a frequent case that Editors shouldn’t have Journal Manager access.

The contact information should be configured in journal setup – where are you seeing users listed as contacts where you don’t want them to be?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team