OJS 3: Can I change "Article components" under Upload submission file?

The drop-down list of article components seems quite unusual, which could be just because of my field. Those components don’t seem to be the logical elements of a scientific research article. It is quite confusing to many authors. An article submission usually consists following files if not in lumped file:

  1. cover letter or note to editor
  2. Highlights (not always)
  3. manuscript
  4. Figures
  5. Tables
  6. Supplementary information

The ability to change the order of the components is desirable. Then all these components will be assembled into a PDF for authors to approve. Of course, we can ask authors to embed all components in one document. Is there a way to change the labeling of those components and delete some components?

Thank you.



I was thinking about the same thing a few days ago and found this:

I have not tested what happens if you change those values and run an update.

Hi @ajnyga ,

Thank you. I will look into it.


I tried changing the author.xml in the en_US locale but it didn’t work.

Dasboard → Settings → Workflow → Article Components?


Wow! How come I missed that. Thanks a lot.

I have created more components on the same base of the existing ones but in the submission step they are not visible from the dropdown menu?

Hi @vebaev,

You’ve marked these as Dependent – that means that they’ll only be available for upload e.g. as dependencies for an HTML document. I’d suggest unchecking that box.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Can you have the authors use a predeined template for some of these files?


Hi @ssciberras

You could eventually use the Submission Library (in the upper right corner on the submission page) for that and let the author know where to find the template.


I cannot find this submission library.

where should I be seeing it?



Hi @ssciberras

See the part Submission Library here: https://pkp.gitbooks.io/ojs3/content/en/submissions.html#submission-record